Transport and conveyor belts

The transporting and conveying belts represent our most important product range. Reko Ltd offers in its selling sortment also the transporting and conveying belts from the CHIORINO Company. Supplied transporting and conveying belts are characterized by the first-class European quality corresponding to respective standards of the European Union.

Basic classification of transporting and conveying belts according to the working surfaces:

PVC Polyvinylchloride

PU Polyurethan

G Rubber

SI Silicone

PA Polyamide

SILON Synthetic reinforced felt

Properties of transporting and conveying belts:

   dopravní pásy, dopravníky Anti-static, non-anti-static.
   dopravní pásy, dopravníky Burning-resistant according to the DIN 2210S and ISO 340 Standards.
   dopravní pásy, dopravníky For a direct contact with food products – according to the FDA and HACCP Standards.
   dopravní pásy, dopravníky Grease-and-chemicals resistant.
   dopravní pásy, dopravníky Abrasion-resistant.
   dopravní pásy, dopravníky High temperature-resistant special transporting and conveying belts. 
   dopravní pásy, dopravníky Dimension-stable, lower elongation.
   dopravní pásy, dopravníky Special belts with lower noise level (LdB).
   dopravní pásy, dopravníky Plane, matt, embossed surface of the belt working side.
   dopravní pásy, dopravníky Capabilities of fitting out the transporting and conveying belt with the driving, guiding profiles and corrugated waveguides, perforations etc.

Application fields of transporting and conveying belts:

The transporting and conveying belts are applied within the broad spectrum of all industrial, agricultural, food processing operations and services.

Delivery terms and conditions:

Transporting and conveying belts are supplied according to the agreed terms and conditions  - upon the availability in stock, eventually upon the exigence of production. Terms and conditions are invariably production-ordered such as specified for a factual purchase order / request.

Specification of transporting and conveying belts here:

Traditional  splicing  method  that  guarantees  thickness  and alignment evenness.

MICRO  Z : fast  joint  for  conveyor  and  transmission  belts (photo 3).

SINGLE  Z : it  offers  the  maximum  of  flexibility.  Ideal  on fixed knife edges. Seam sealing foil can be used to increase strength and for heavy applications (photo 2).

DOUBLE Z : it provides high  strength and can be used in alternative to single Z (photo 1).

This system is applicable to thermoplastic polyurethane belts (photo 4).

Special  method  for  polyamide  transmission belts and  some conveyor belts for special applications as alternative to the traditional finger joints (photo 5).

Special method for some belts and for special applications as alternative to the traditional finger joints (photo 6).

Non metallic fastener made of polyester fabric and spiralace. It  has  a  high  resistance  to  chemicals,  guarantees  flexibility and a short replacement time. It is FDA approved. It is suitable for over 16 mm diameter pulleys and in particular in those applications involving X-Ray scanners or metal detectors (photo 7).

Mechanical fasteners suitable in those situations where ease and speed of fitting is required. They are available both in galvanized and stainless steel.(photo 8-9)