Rubber and silicone plates

We offer this material in rolls or panels as based on various polymer bases, dependent on where they have to be used.

Rubber - to be used where a high resiliency is required.

Silicone - to be used in the environment under higher temperature and at the smaller adherence as required.

The MF plates are fabricated in rolls with maximum 1600 mm or 2000 mm width and at the standard 100 and 200 m lengths. We supply them also in various sizes upon the demand of a customer. This material is fabricated upon the  35-50 °ShA hardness in various colour options and 2.0-10 mm thicknesses. On the customer´s request, also a minimal quantity with a specified thickness can be supplied.

Panels or plates are applicable in the following fields:

Furniture industry: for the membrane presses that  laminate the PWC-foils or for the veneering work. When in laminating phase, these panels are designated to provide both a perfect adherence and required thermal transmission within the working cycle. The usage of the  LI-SI W silicone-made panel types is rated up to 200 °C temperature.

Paper-and-pulp industry: The MF panels or plates are supplied to be glued onto the textile carrier or indented belt in sawing-out or glueing machines. Dependent on the usage, they are fabricated in various 35 and 45 °ShA hardnesses.

Leather industry: for the tempering and softening machines.

The MF body-free panels are applicable: in the mining and stone-cutting industry as a protection against the wearing, for the water-based cleaning of pipings from the sand, as a protective layer into the portable boxes for pet (animals), windshield wipers,  anti-impact protection  in the shooting gallery. A broad product range of various hardnesses is able to cover a major demand on the market.

Table of tubber and silicone-made panels here: