Reko Ltd offers more than 100 types of transport and conveyor belts that are characterized by European quality and certified by the UNI ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System.

Within the belts product range,  the Reko Ltd offers a broad scale of high-output plane belts that excel by their durability and life of service in all application fields.

Timing belts for a wide range of applications in various types of plants. We offer endless belts, open belts, rubber belts or belts with a protective layer.

The Teflon ( PTFE ) still remains a material of progressive use in all fields. Reko Ltd offers this material of a future in many different variants.

The special belts  are designated for a specific application in the most assorted operations.

Buckets - Reko Company Ltd. offers a wide variety of different types of buckets for elevator bucket - belts of our own production.

Round and V-belts are produced to keep up to date the product range of Reko Ltd for the light conveyings.

The rubber belts were introduced by Reko Ltd in its offer for a comprehensiveness of both materials and services for each customer.

Tools and complementary equipment  are offered by Reko Ltd for the simple oeprations that are executed by the user himself.

The paneling of friction presses is supplied by Reko Ltd on the market  in a superstandard European quality.

The application capabilities of bellows are above any denumeration, and the respective production experience is up to guarantee both quality and feasibility of non-standard products as well.

Sealing elements of leather  still offer a versatile applicability over the new technologies and materials.

The other leather-made products supplement a comprehensiveness of the Reko Ltd manufacturing program.

Reko Ltd makes its best continual efforts so as to broaden the supplied product range and really satisfy every requirement from customers. As a Czech company, we provide the best adaptability to the local conditions and requirements in keeping up the highest criteria of quality. You will find for sure what you are in search for, so do not hesitate to contact Reko Ltd with your factual requirements.