Products made of leather

Leather-fabricated punching-outs and cutting-outs

Shape-executed on request (according to the drawing), withint the 0.7-6 mm thickness scale.

Blocks, cylinders, clamps

From the fibrous leather, the material being glued, pressed and further on processed.

Latchets for stitching and binding

For stitching the seddlary-related products, fabricated from an extra strong cow leather.

Bark leather-fabricated cord

Circular and oval sections from 4 to 10 mm, natural-coloured.

Leather-fabricated harnesses

The sizes on request,  within the 1-6 mm thickness scale.

Leather-fabricated door-mats

Joined by steel wires, non-destructible, standardly sized  400x600 mm and 600x970 mm.

Sweat bands

Applied as a hat seatband for the top hats, barettes, caps, helmets, within the 18-40 mm thickness scale.

Stirrups, bumpers, membranes

According to the factual request by customer.