Paneling of friction presses


The lining is put on the circle of the flywheel ring gear. It is designated for a fluent motion transmission of the frictional discs onto the spindle and the platen of the frictional press. The lining is applicable within the scale of  -20 up to +90°C temperature.

The material:

The chrome-tanned or semi-chrome leater (the full grain leather or split leather) with the strenghtening insert to decrease the elongation (special fabric or polyamide foil). The strengthening insert is glued between the two leather layers, the polyamide foil is applicable with leather without glueing.


The pre-formed leather tape with the strengthening insert (or the tapes from leather and  polyamide foil) are layered in spirals up to the prescribed height. The layers so coiled are stabilized by the steel rivets, screws that are distanced about 40 mm from each other. Standardly, the lining is fabricated in the following sizes (including the limit tolerances):

   dopravní pásy, dopravníky flywheel diameter: 600 - 3000 mm

   dopravní pásy, dopravníky height (v): 50 - 220 mm (± 3 mm)

   dopravní pásy, dopravníky width (t): 15 - 45 mm (± 1 mm)

   dopravní pásy, dopravníky​ other sizes are to be pre-agreed.

Various sizes upon agreement. The lining is fabricated as pre-tensioned so as to adhere perfectly to the flywheel rim and not to slip off. The pre-tension level is specified by manufacturer according to the sizes and experience.

Data for ordering:

Flywheel diameter, lining height (v), width (t), special requirements.


The supplier provides for the assembling manual instruction on request. The highest European quality.