Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

1. How to choose the right type of a trasporting belt?
It is necessary to determine on what conditions both transporting belt and transported material have to be operated. Based on such data, the specialist will project a variant of suitable transporting belt, i.e. the PVC-, PUR-, or rubber-made belt etc.

2. Is the transporting belt repairable? 
In certain cases, the transporting belts can be repaired and operated again.

3. In what way the transporting belts can be put together?
There are several variants how to put together the transporting bands - by glueing, welding and mechanical coupling.

4. What is the belt product range as manufactured by Reko LTD?
The European product range of the flat driving belts, including the special types: web-dividing tapes, pull-back belts, twisted belts, seamless belts and bands.

5. What is the temperature resistance of teflon? 
The PTFE has from 260°C, a a short-term basis up to 300°C temperature resistance.

6. How many times can the teflon foil be re-used for baking?
Up to 5000 times at a correct PTFE use and maintenance.

7. How to glue the PTFE up?
The most suitable variant consists in using the teflon in self-adhesive version that is currently available for all the PTFE sorts.

8. From what materials are the protective bellows (those for the bellows diaphragm) manufactured?
At present, both plastic-made (friction fabric) and leather-made bellows are manufactured as requested by a customer.

9. From what material is made the lining?
Chrome-tanned leather with the strength gasket from a special textile or polyamide.

10. What forms of joint bellows are manufactured?
Leather joint bellows are manufactured in the form of caps, simple cylinders, double and and roof bellows.

11. Is it possible to put together the transporting belt in place?
The Reko LTD provides for assembling the transporting belts also right at the customer´s place, eventually for selling the elements for coupling: the presses, adhesives, clamps.

12. How teflon bands are put together?
Bands can be put together by a thermal seam or in mechanical way (clamps).

13. How can the teflon baking foil be cleaned?
It suffices to rub off the foils slightly by a damp cloth or napkin.

14. Is it possible to reinforce the protective and covering bellows?
Reinforcement elements are manufactured from an appropriate material (paper, metal etc.) on a customer´s demand.

15. Does your company representative in a foreign country?
Yes, the Slovak Republic, the company Quiris s.r.o.

16. Does your company sales representative here?
Yes, for specified regions of a network of sales representatives - see. contacts.

17. Do you have testimonials for products?
Yes, on request, provide customer testimonials available on the particular material.

18. How does the transportation of goods to customers?
Most use the services of the ALS transport services, non-standard size items solved through Radiálku, but if interested in another type of service we are prepared to meet the requirements of the clients.


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